Earlier this month I found a beautiful patch of Princes (spore-print required) and then a couple weeks later I found an equally abundant patch of the more distinctive Slimy Gomphidius mushrooms, so I'm dining well on these and drying some for later. The acorns I've collected since October are taking their time to be properly leached of their bitter tannins but I'm being patient.  They're nutritious enough to be worth the effort. 
For the last few months I've been quite preoccupied with other things and didn't get any new posts out but I still found some time to harvest the last of the Sea Rocket pods and Salicornia for a stir-fry back in September.  And this winter I will be drying more seaweed.

Nettle season started in February this year and is now in full swing!
 I like to add them to soups, sauces, omelettes and tea to amp up the nutritional value, especially as they are often the most abundant source of greens in early spring and late fall.
 A good way to have them available for those uses anytime is to blend them up with a bit of water and fill ice cube trays with them for a measured amount whenever needed, or simply dry them until they are crispy and store them in airtight bags or jars for later use. The mature stalks are also suitable for making twine, basketry, or even cloth.
Wearing rubber gloves is advisable while harvesting, otherwise your hands are likely to get all numb and tingly for a day or so afterwards. It may even be somewhat painful. Also dress appropriately to prevent nettle stings in other exposed areas.