Right now (Mid-May) the season for my favorite Halophytes, that is, salt loving plants, is just getting started good.  I pick the Sea Asparagus AKA Salicornia AKA Glasswort and the equally delightful Sea Rocket whenever I go down to the beach and sometimes I find some of the salt tolerant Lamb's Quarters there also.  Lambs Quarters can go either way as far as salt goes, it doesn't care, although the seaside version gets rather bitter tasting towards the middle of summer.  These are all fine additions to a stir-fry and soup and omelettes.  The Salicornia is also good for pickling.  And the Sea Rocket has the most wonderful spicy/sweet flavour so I sometimes add it to salads too, when it's in the early stages.  These all make beach combing that much more wonderful.  Enjoy!

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