Salmonberries are not yet done and there are now Wild Strawberries, Huckleberries, Thimbleberries, and a few of the Native Blackberries and Chokecherries are ripe now too!  I'm still harvsting lots of Salicornia, and Seaweeds, and now there are more mushooms to choose from too.  I got some nice Puffballs the other day and they went into a stir-fry.  .Yum!  The Lambs Quarters at the beach are getting too strong tasting now and the Sea Rocket is going into flower along with the Watercress, so they're off the menu for awhile.  Cattail flowers are just starting to appear as it has been unusually rainy and cold fort this late in the season and I'm still eating the shoots.  Pine Pollen is definitely done for the year and those pesky Tent Caterpillars are finally making themselves scarce as they crawl off to wrap themselves in cocoons until they become Moths, after eating everything in sight and terrorizing the neighborhood.

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