Plantago Lanceolata, AKA Ribwort:  I don't much care for any type of Plantain leaves, as nutritious as they are, at least not for eating; though they're at least as good for instant poultices as Curly or Yellow Dock  and Dandelion leaves.   Even in the early spring they are far too bitter for my taste, but in April and May, when the new flowering tops are out, I like to pick lots of those to sprinkle on my salads, and for omelettes and stir-frying.  A small handful per serving is good.  They're also reputed to be good for expelling some kinds of intestinal parasites.  I can't vouch for that, but they're well worth eating, before the tops start to fuzz out into rings of tiny flowers.  They're okay after that too, just not as tasty.

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